How much of the salary should I pay for sick leave?

How much is the sick leave paid? It depends on many factors. Find out what indicators affect the amount of the benefit and how to calculate it correctly in the material.

How sick leave payments are calculated in in 2024

Transfers of social security to individuals due to disability are controlled by the law “On Compulsory Social Insurance” dated December 29, 2006 No. 255-FZ. In order to understand how much a sick leave is paid, several important indicators should be identified.

One of them is the average wage. This indicator is determined by calculating the income of an individual for two full calendar years running before the onset of a disability event.In some situations, earnings may be used in the calculation not for previous years, but for other periods. This applies to cases when a recent maternity patient has a period of disability.

To calculate the average salary according to paragraph 2 of Article 14 of Law 255-FZ, all transfers to the employee are used, in total for the year not exceeding the limits in force in the corresponding periods:



Base limit for social insurance contributions


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/29/2016 No. 1255



Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/15/2017 No. 1378



Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/28/2018 No. 1426



Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.11.2019 No. 1407 912,000


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/26/2020 No. 1935 966,000


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/16/2021 No. 1951

1 032 000


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2143 dated 11/25/2022

1 197 000


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11/10/2023 No. 1883

2 225 000

The income for the billing period is divided by 730. This is the number of days in two calendar years. The average daily wage, in turn, is multiplied by the percentage corresponding to the length of service and by the number of sick days, taking into account weekends and holidays.

How the amount of the benefit depends on the length of service

How much interest is paid for sick leave, directly depends on the insurance coverage. The algorithm for calculating the length of service is prescribed in Article 16 of Law 255-FZ and the order of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated 09.09.2020 No. 585n.

According to the list of documents established by law, the following can be used to determine the insurance period:

  • employment record;
  • employee’s employment contracts;
  • certificates from previous employers;
  • military ID.

A special approach is used to calculate the benefits of those employees whose insurance period is less than 6 months, or if employees have no income in the previous 2 years. Moreover, there have been some changes in the rules since April 2020.

How to calculate sick leave from the minimum wage, we described in detail in this article.

What percentage of salary is paid sick leave when the length of service is less than 8 years

How much interest is paid for sick leave in 2024 with an experience of no more than 8 years can be seen in the table:

Insurance experience

How much do they pay sick leave from salary

From 5 to 8 years old

Based on 80% of the average salary

Less than 5 years

Based on 60% of the average salary

When determining the sickness benefit for an individual with insurance for less than 8 years, it is necessary to determine how sick leave is paid – how many percent of salary is taken to calculate what the average earnings are and whether it is less than the average minimum wage.

The full amount of the benefit is calculated using the formula:

The manual = Average daily earnings × The percentage corresponding to the length of service × The duration of disability.

In what amount do they pay for sick leave with seniority starting from 8 years and more

After the insurance period exceeds 8 years, sick leave is paid based on the full amount of average earnings without any reductions related to the duration of work.

Read about how to correctly determine the length of service for calculating disability benefits in the publication “What is included in the length of insurance to pay for sick leave?».

However, even with such an experience, it is likely that the salary for the previous two years will be less than 24 times the minimum wage. In this case, sick leave is paid based on the minimum wage.

Read about the lower and upper limits of the amount of sick leave payment here.

In addition, there are other nuances that lower the amount of the allowance, despite the long experience.

What else affects the amount of disability benefits

For retired employees, the payment of sick leave in 2024 is different – the percentage in this case is determined regardless of length of service. The payment will amount to 60% of the average salary. But a dismissed employee can apply for benefits only if the disease occurs within a month after the termination of the employment contract.

If a disability certificate is issued for the care of a child, then special conditions of payment for sick leave are provided for this case. According to paragraph 3 of Article 7 of Law 255-FZ, if a child is sick at home, the usual rules for calculating benefits apply only to the first 10 days of the period of disability, after which compensation will not exceed 50% of the average income. If the treatment is carried out in a hospital, then the standard rules apply.

Also, how much you pay for a sick leave depends on whether the disease is related to an occupational injury. According to the law “On Compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases” dated 07/24/1998 No. 125-FZ, the benefit is paid based on 100% of average earnings, but taking into account the nuances described in the law.


The percentage of sick leave payment directly depends on the employee’s work experience. But, in addition, there are other factors that affect the amount of sickness benefit. The employee’s belonging to a certain category, as well as some causes of disability, entail the payment of social benefits with the use of a decreasing percentage in relation to the average wage, regardless of the actual length of service of the individual. On the contrary, there are reasons for which disability is paid in full, regardless of length of service.

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