Allowance for children under 16 years of age: who can get it and how

A new allowance for children under 16 for low-income and single-parent families appeared in 2021. It and other changes on child benefits were approved by Federal Law No. 151 of 05/26/2021. Let’s look at who exactly and how child benefits are paid in 2024 from 8 to 16 years old inclusive.

Who gets child benefit from 8 to 16 years old

The new benefits are provided not only for children, but also for pregnant women and are funded from local budgets. At the same time, monetary assistance is targeted and is intended only for low-income and single-parent families.

According to the new version of the law “On State Benefits” dated 05/19/1995 No.81-FZ from 07/01/2021, Putin’s allowance for up to three years for the first and second children will continue to be paid if the average per capita family income is less than two regional PM. In addition to his and other standard payments, they will pay monthly:

  1. Allowance for pregnant women from low-income families who have registered early at a women’s clinic. The amount is 50% of the minimum wage set for able-bodied citizens.
  2. Allowance for children from 8 to 16 years old inclusive to a single parent and parents with low-income status in the amount of 50% of the PM for children.

Exceptions: who will not be paid the allowance

Not all low-income parents with children under 16 years old can take advantage of this cash assistance. The allowance will not be assigned to a single parent who owns more than one (one):

    apartments, and for each person from his family there are more than 24 sq.m.m;
  • cottages or a plot of land larger than 0.25ha in urban conditions or 1ha in rural settlements;
  • garage, vehicle;
  • houses, and for each person of his family, there are more than 40 sq.m.M.

A parent with savings, the annual profit from which is greater than the regional PM, is not among the recipients of the benefit. Persons deprived of parental rights (limited in rights) will also not be able to apply for it.

The situation with unemployed parents is somewhat different. If the parent does not work and is not registered in the employment center, they will not be assigned anything. However, if he works part-time, has a non-permanent salary or is a student, he can count on benefits.

When applying for financial assistance up to the age of 16, other child benefits are taken into account, which are already paid to a poor (incomplete) family. They are also taken into account when compared with the size of the PM. Unemployed people caring for a disabled person or an elderly person also have the right to apply for child benefit.

The amount of child benefit up to 16 years old

Since the allowance is regional, the procedure for its appointment and payment is independently determined by the subjects of the Russian Federation. This is evidenced by Article.16 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No.81. Therefore, all issues related to indexing, size, frequency of payments, etc., should be clarified at the place of residence.

Parents who are really in need will be able to receive the new allowance. For example, a child lives with a mother in need of financial assistance. If she did not apply for alimony, she will not receive an allowance. To receive it, she must first apply for alimony. Then, taking into account the amount of alimony, the average per capita income of the family (mother with a child) will be determined. And only if it turns out to be less than the regional PM, she will be assigned children up to 16 years old.

Another good example. Let’s say a woman, a widow, a single parent, lives with children aged 9 and 15 in her own apartment. Has no other property. He works constantly and receives a salary. From May 2021 to April 2022, she earned 350,000rubles. It is necessary to determine whether she is entitled to child benefits up to the age of 16, and if so, in what amount.

Let’s say the regional children’s PM for 2022 is 13,317 rubles. The average per capita income of her family is:

350000/12/3 = 9722 rubles,


  • 350,000 — mom’s income per year;
  • 12— number of months per year;
  • 3— number of people in the family (two children and a mother).

The resulting amount is less than 13,317 rubles. Consequently, a woman is entitled to benefits for her children until they reach the age of 17.

The amount of the benefit = 50% PM per child. The woman has two children. That is, she will receive 13,317 rubles for two children.

What you need to get the benefit

The allowance is not automatically accrued. Parents in need should contact the MFC or make a payment remotely on the portal of “Public Services”. When applying, you will need a set of documents:

  • statement in the form;
  • birth certificates of a child, marriage (divorce), death of a second parent;
  • title documents for property;
  • certificate in the form of 2-personal income tax on income for 12;months;
  • bank account information.

When submitting remotely through the Public Services portal, send only an application. According to the explanations of the Ministry of Labor, most of the information will be checked automatically within the framework of interdepartmental interaction. This means that the necessary documents must be submitted upon request. They make out the payment for a year, then confirm it.

The allowance for children under 16 years old can be received until the child turns seventeen. If there are several children, then the payment is made for each one.

Payments begin to be made from the month that follows the month of filing documents in the period from the 1st to the 25th. For example, the documents were submitted in June, the first benefit will be paid from July 1 to July 25.


The current version of Law No.81 dated 05/19/1995 provides for the payment of a new monthly allowance for children under 16 years old for low-income families and sole parents. Its size is 50% of the regional PM for children. The payment is assigned to each child from a family in need. It can be issued by a parent with a low income or an unemployed person who is registered at the employment center, personally, at the MFC or through the portal “Public Services”.

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