Benefits for the birth of 3 children in 2023-2024

Benefits for the birth of the 3rd child in 2024 are established by federal and regional legislation and are aimed at supporting large families, as well as encouraging parents to give birth to their own or adopt other people’s children. We will tell you more about the benefits of having a third child in Russia in our article.

Benefits for the third child in 2024 on a mortgage

One of the significant achievements of recent times can be considered the adoption of the Federal Law on Measures…”Dated 07/03/2019 No.157-FZ, which introduced a mortgage benefit for the third child or subsequent children.

Readthe procedure for assigning universal benefits to children under the age of 18.

According to paragraph 2 of art.1 Federal Law No.157 in the latest edition, you can get a mortgage benefit at the birth of a third child if the following conditions are met:

  • The mother or father of the children, and also the children themselves must be citizens of Russia.
  • The third or subsequent child must be born in the period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023.
  • The mortgage loan, which is planned to be repaid for the benefit account for the 3rd child, must be taken out by a large family before July 1, 2024.

Important! A draft law has been developed , according to which benefits can be provided to citizens whose third or subsequent child was born before December 31, 2030. At the same time, it is proposed to extend until July 1, 2031 the deadline for concluding a mortgage agreement under which a benefit will be provided. The extension of the relevant support measures was proposed by the President of Russia in his annual message to the Federal Assembly. 

The benefit in question allows you to receive from the state an amount of 450 thousand rubles for repayment of an already taken mortgage on housing (house, apartment) or a land plot for residential housing.

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According to clause 4 of art.1 Federal Law No.157 funds are transferred in a non-cash manner to the creditor bank and sent primarily to repay the principal debt. In the event that the amount of debt is less, the interest on the loan is repaid at the expense of these funds. If the total amount owed is less than 450 thousand rubles, the state will transfer only the amount owed.

This benefit is granted once and can be used to repay one or more loans, including in different banks.

Find out from a special publication about what social benefits are available from the budget at the birth of a third child.

Registration of benefits

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1170 dated 07.09.2019 approved a regulation that defines the procedure for obtaining benefits.

The mortgage benefit is issued at the bank that issued the loan. For registration, the borrower must submit an application to the bank and submit:

  • passport and birth certificates (passports) of children, and supporting documents for adoption (custody);
  • document on the purchase of real estate;
  • mortgage documents (loan agreement, mortgage and;T. D.).

Since most of these documents are available in the bank, the final list of required papers should be clarified at the credit institution itself. After receiving the documents, the bank carries out all further actions on the implementation of the benefit independently.

From the moment of acceptance of the application and documents from the borrower, in case of their correct registration, funds for repayment of the loan must be sent to the bank within 19 days.

What benefits at the birth of the third child can be obtained by taxes

Another type of benefits is provided by tax legislation. As in the case of a mortgage, benefits for the birth of the 2nd child or firstborn do not apply. Parents with many children with three or more children can be provided with two tax deductions:

  • on the property tax on housing
  • on the land tax. 

Benefits at the birth of a child (he must be the third or subsequent in the family) for tax payments for housing are provided in accordance with clause 6.1 of Article 403 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. This benefit allows you to reduce the taxable area of an apartment by 5 (residential building by 7) meters per child.

For example, a benefit for the 3rd child (if there are three children in the family) will reduce the taxable area of the apartment by 15 meters. If there are five children, then the released footage will already be 25 meters.

According to the sub-item. 10 p. 5 art.391 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation if a family has three or more children, the family is exempt from paying land tax for 600 square meters of land belonging to it.

Parents can prepare and send an application for a benefit to the tax inspectorate themselves, attaching documents confirming this right:

  • applicant’s passport;
  • documents for children (birth certificates or other documents confirming that there are three or more children in the family);
  • title documents for housing or land.

At the same time, if the tax authorities have information about the large family and the property belonging to it (for example, other benefits or deductions were issued), then the inspectorate will independently reduce the amount of tax for a large family.

Starting from 2023, a single allowance is paid for children under the age of 17. Read more here.

Land plot for a large family

The answer to the question of what benefits for a third child are provided for by land legislation is given in art. 39.5 of the RF Labor Code. Regional authorities should determine by their regulatory acts the rights of citizens to receive and the procedure for granting land plots to families with three or more children.

Land plots are provided to parents with many children, for example, the Moscow, Voronezh, Bryansk regions, Krasnodar Territory, etc. Most often, land is allocated in rural areas. At the same time, in addition to having many children, additional requirements may be imposed on applicants, for example:

  • the need for better housing conditions;
  • living in the area where the plot is requested, for a certain period of time;
  • a certain age or profession of the parents, etc.

Therefore, in order to figure out whether a large family can get a land plot (and in general, what benefits for the 3rd child are available in the region), it is necessary to carefully study regional legislation or contact the social protection authorities.


The legislation provides for a number of benefits for large families: taxes, mortgage repayment, free land acquisition. Regions can set other benefits (for travel, purchase of vouchers, etc.).

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