Denied a single child benefit – reasons, what to do and where to apply

Denied a single child benefit — if you are faced with such a situation, then first of all, you need to find out why the refusal came and what can be done. Let’s figure it out.

The unified child benefit was refused: we are finding out the reason

The allowance for children under the age of 17 is assigned based on the average per capita income for each family member. The purpose of the benefit is to support those families whose income is below the regional subsistence level. Therefore, the main reason for the refusal to assign payments is the family’s financial situation.

The refusal may be affected (clause 31 of the Procedure approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2330 dated 12/16/2022):

  • substantial savings in the bank accounts of family members;
  • total family income exceeding the subsistence minimum for each family member established by the region;
  • the family owns several apartments or houses — each family member should have less than 24 sq.m.m of living space in an apartment or less than 40 sq.m.m of living space in the house, in this case it is possible to assign benefits (one apartment or house owned, even spacious, does not affect the assignment of benefits);
  • ownership of several dachas, garages, parking spaces (except for large families) and non-residential premises;
  • ownership of a land plot in the city, with an area of more than 0.25ha, or a plot in rural areas, with an area of more than 1 ha;
  • the presence of several cars in the family (it is permissible for large families to have 2 cars), motorcycles, boats, motorboats and other equipment;
  • the absence of income from parents during the year in addition to social benefits (pension or scholarship are considered income).

Thus, well-off families cannot count on benefits, as well as those who are set up for social dependency and have no income other than benefits.

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Mitigating circumstances in the absence of an official income may be the following reasons (subp. «l» p. 31 of the Order under Resolution No.2330):

  • parent (guardian) is the only adult in the family who brings up minor children alone;
  • parent from a large family;
  • the applicant is on parental leave for up to 3 years;
  • the applicant takes care of a disabled child or elderly pensioners;
  • the applicant studies full-time and does not receive a scholarship;
  • the applicant is registered at the employment center for no more than 6 months.

For the above reasons, the applicant may not have income for no more than 10 months in a year. In this case, he can expect to receive benefits.

What to do if a single benefit is refused

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what was the reason for the refusal. The reason is indicated in the notification, which can be obtained in your personal account on the Public Services portal, in the MFC or in social protection.

Check whether the wording of the refusal falls under the above reasons. They may also refuse due to the fact that the applicant simply filled out the application incorrectly. In this case, you should submit it again by the end of 2024.

If the refusal was due to excess income, then it makes sense to apply later, so that the period in which high incomes were received is not taken into account.

It should also be borne in mind that now children under the age of 23, full-time students and unmarried, are counted as part of the family. Therefore, if in 2024 a family was refused a payment due to a high per capita income, then it is possible to apply again this year. As the number of family members has increased, the average per capita income will decrease, and the family may be eligible for payment.

If the applicant considers the refusal unlawful, it is necessary to file a written complaint addressed to the head of the social protection department at the place of residence. The complaint should state the situation in a reasoned manner and ask for a review of the decision. The social protection service is obliged to provide a written response within 30 calendar days.


The refusal to assign benefits is mainly due to the family’s financial situation, the presence of several real estate objects, savings, etc. Applicants also need to have an income other than child benefits. In case of refusal, you should familiarize yourself with its official reason and, if you disagree, file a complaint to the management of the social protection department.

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