Extension of the single benefit in 2024

When to apply for the extension of the single benefit, the SFR told. The Fund is already accepting applications for the extension of the single child benefit for 2024

For families whose single benefit payment period expires in December, the SFR recommends submitting an application for an extension of the benefit in advance, before the end of the month. This will provide parents with continuous payment of benefits and the opportunity to calmly confirm their right to it, if necessary.

The Fund recalls that a single benefit is assigned for 12 months, after which the payment is terminated. To extend the benefit for another year, you need to reapply for it. This can be done in advance — within a month before the end of the payment period. For the very first recipients of the benefit, who received it in January 2023, this deadline came in December of this year. Therefore, families can already apply to the Social Fund for an extension of payments.

When extending the benefit, as with the initial appointment, the fund will check the income and property of the family to determine its need for social support. For most recipients, such verification will go unnoticed, since the fund will independently clarify the necessary information.

You can apply for an extension of the single benefit on the public services portal, at the MFC or at any client service of the Social Fund.

The application for benefits is considered within 10 working days. In case of a successful extension, the parents will receive the payment within the usual time frame in which the funds came before. In case of non-cash transfer to a bank account, the payment will be received on the 3rd of the previous month, upon delivery by mail from the 1st to the 25th of the previous month.

If parents do not have time to extend the allowance in December, they will be able to apply later. If approved, the payment will be provided from the month of filing the application.

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