Child benefits will be paid even if the parent has gone to work

Amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Law No. 614-FZ of 12/19/2023) and laws on benefits (Law No. 620-FZ of 12/19/2023) have been adopted, which from 2024 will change some rules for the payment of child benefits, taking into account the instructions given by the President during SPIEF 2023. This will allow you to receive payments for children even after going to work:


As it is now

How will

Allowance for up to 1.5 years

The benefit payment stops after the mother (or other recipient) goes to work

The mother (another relative) will continue to receive the assigned allowance, even if she starts working during the period of parental leave, including:

  • on a part-time basis, at home or remotely;
  • will work for another employer or continue his studies

Full information about all payments for children (the range of recipients, sizes, documents for appointment, etc.) is provided in the Directory from “ConsultantPlus”. Watch the trial access material for free.

What to do if you are denied a single child benefit, we tell you here.

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