The information for the payment of sick leave will be given to the employer by the SFR

Amendments to the Rules for Obtaining Information and Documents for the Payment of Benefits have been published, approved by Government Decree No. 2010 dated 11/23/2021 (Resolution No. 2312 dated 12/26/2023). 

Among other things, since 04.01.2024 it has been established that:

  • earnings data for calculating sick leave, pregnancy and childbirth, and child care benefits will be taken from the information of individual (personalized) accounting in the mandatory pension and mandatory social insurance systems;
  • the fund will send the employer earnings information to pay for the first 3 days of sick leave.

How temporary disability benefits are calculated and paid in different situations, for example, with up to 6 months of part-time work, illness on holidays or after a decree, experts explain and show by examples “ConsultantPlus”. Get free trial access to the system, go to the ready-made solution and see the answer for your case.

How to make a sick leave calculation on the SFR portal, we tell you in our article.

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