The maximum and minimum amount of sick leave in 2024

The maximum and minimum amount of sick leave has changed in 2024:

  • maximum due to the change of the billing period (now in the general case it is 2022 and 2023);
  • minimum due to the change in the minimum wage (the new size from 01.01.2024 is 19,242 rubles).

And also due to the corresponding increase in the size of the average daily earnings, based on which the sick leave is paid.

What amounts are we talking about?

The maximum amount of average daily earnings to pay for sick leave in 2024 is:

4039.73 rubles. ((1 032 000 + 1 917 000)/730).

That is, with an experience of 8 years or more in 2024, the maximum benefit in the standard case of a weekly cold will be 28,278.11 rubles (minus personal income tax).

The minimum average earnings per day of illness, taking into account the approved increase in the minimum wage, is:

632.61 rubles. (19 242 × 24/730).

If the experience is less than 8 years, then the coefficient is applied to the specified amount: 60% for less than 5 years of experience and 80% for 5 to 8 years of experience.

If the benefit calculated in the above manner is calculated for a full calendar month below the minimum wage, its amount is determined in the following order:

19,242/(28 or 30 or 31 – number of days in the month of disability) * number of days of disability.

The minimum amount of the allowance for 1 day in this case will be:

  • 687.21 rubles (28 kd/month);
  • 641.40 rubles. (30 kd/month);
  • 620.71 rubles. (31 kd/month).

You can use the sick leave calculator for self-checking.

We remind you that the employer pays only for the first 3 days of illness, the employee receives the rest of the allowance from the SFR on the basis of an electronic disability certificate and data posted by the employer in the fund’s information system.

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