What documents are needed to apply for a child benefit

What documents are needed to apply for a child benefit? This is the question faced by the parents of a newborn baby. The set of papers depends not only on the type of benefit, but also on the status of its recipient (unemployed, students, foreign citizens, etc.). From our material you will learn about the types of child benefits and the basic documents necessary to receive them.

Types of child benefits under the law

Before looking for an answer to the question of what documents are needed for child benefits, let’s determine which child benefits exist.

First of all, the types of benefits that citizens with children can claim are listed in Article 3 of the Law On State Benefits dated 05/19/1995 No.81-FZ (see the figure)::

Какие документы нужны для оформления детского пособия

Thus, state benefits for citizens with children can be divided into two groups:

  1. Benefits paid to women during pregnancy and during maternity leave after the birth of a child.
  2. One-time and monthly benefits after the birth of a child.

Documents for child benefit must be transferred to the employer at the place of work of one of the spouses or to the social protection authority (if a non-working citizen or a university student claims the benefit).

Certain categories of citizens (for example, unemployed parents) can submit documents for registration of child benefits to the MFC.

List of documents for obtaining maternity benefits

To apply for maternity benefits (BiR), an employee must provide the employer with the following set of documents:

  1. information about the insured person;
  2. application for the replacement of the years of the billing period, if the amount of the benefit increases during the replacement of periods.

The employer, having received the entire package of documents from the employee, is obliged to transfer them to the SFR within three calendar days. The Fund makes a decision on payment and transfers benefits to the maternity hospital within 10 days.

List of documents for registration of a one-time allowance at the birth of a child

After the birth of a child, one of the parents has the right to receive a one-time allowance. Until 02/01/2023, its amount is 20 472.77 rubles. From 02/01/2023, if a government decree providing for indexation by 11.9% is adopted, the amount of the allowance will amount to 22,909.03 rubles. In 2024, the amount of the allowance is 24,604.30 rubles.

Starting from 2022, you do not need to submit any documents to the FSS (starting from 2023, the Social Fund of Russia) to receive a one-time allowance at the birth of a child. The Social Insurance Fund will receive all the necessary information on its own.

Learn more about the formation of the SFR (as a result of the merger of the FIU and the FSS) from the thematic publication.

Documents for receiving child care allowance up to one and a half years

One of the parents or any other relative has the right to take leave of absence to care for a child until they reach the age of one and a half years. The following documents will be required to assign the benefit:

  1. The employee’s statement on the assignment of benefits.
  2. Information about the insured person, if this information was not received earlier.
  3. A certificate from the place of work of the second parent stating that he is not on parental leave and does not receive a monthly allowance. If the parent does not work, he can take such a certificate from social security. If a relative, for example, a grandmother, takes care of the child, such certificates will be needed from both parents.

About the minimum and maximum amounts of child care benefits in 2024, read here.

Wives of military personnel for registration In addition to the above documents, it is necessary to submit a certificate from a military unit on the passage of military service by the father of the child on conscription.

What to indicate in the application (sample)

It should be noted that the current legislation does not require an employee to submit an application to the SFR for payment of benefits. In this case, the employer has the right to adopt a local standard providing for the sending of an appropriate document to the management of the company.

The following information may be reflected in the application for payment of benefits:

Какие документы нужны для оформления детского пособия

All information specified in the application must be confirmed by signing. It is also necessary to specify the date of registration of the application.

The local standard may provide for the addition of an application with a package of documents (certificates, extracts, copies). We will tell you further about what certificates may be needed for the registration of child benefits.

We are collecting a set of certificates: birth, family composition and others

The answer to the question of what certificates are needed for registration of child benefits depends on the type of benefit and on who applies for it. We will focus on the basic information required when applying for child benefits.

Information about the composition of the family

A certificate of registration (form 9), referred to in everyday life as a certificate of family composition, contains information about all persons registered in a particular residential building (in an apartment or private house):

Какие документы нужны для оформления детского пособия

To obtain this certificate, you can contact the housing maintenance organization at your place of residence or the passport office. There are also ways to get help through the MFC or the Public Services portal.

Certificate of non-receipt from the place of workmanuals

When applying for a monthly child care allowance, a certificate from the place of work of a parent of a child who does not apply for benefits is required, confirming the fact of non-receipt of this type of benefit (paragraph 56 of the Procedure approved by Order of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation No. 668n dated 09/29/2020).

You can find detailed information about such a certificate and its sample here.

If the parents of the newborn are divorced, this certificate is not needed. The allowance is assigned to the parent who lives with the child. When applying for benefits, this parent must provide a copy of the divorce certificate.

Other references

In some cases, other certificates may be needed when applying for a child benefit. For example:

  • a certificate confirming the fact of disability when applying for the benefit of adoptive parents of a disabled child;
  • a certificate from the Department of Internal Affairs that the location of the wanted parents has not been established, a certificate of the parents’ detention when assigning benefits to in connection with the transfer of the child into custody or foster care;
  • other information.

What does the certificate from the place of work look like and where it is presented, find out here.

When you need to go to social security with documents

You need to apply for child benefits to social security agencies if your parents do not have an official place of work or they are full-time students of higher education educational institutions. That is, in situations where applying for benefits to an employer is not possible. If one of the spouses works, he should apply for child benefit at his place of work.

The figure below shows what documents may be required for child benefit in social security:

Какие документы нужны для оформления детского пособия

Depending on the type of benefit received, the set of papers submitted to social protection may vary. The specific list of submitted documents should be clarified with the specialists of the social protection authority before starting the procedure for registration of child benefits.

Documents for receiving Putin’s benefits

Currently, there are several payments that can be called “Putin’s”.

Since 2017, the law “On monthly payments to families with children” dated 12/28/2017 No.418-FZ has been in force, according to which citizens who gave birth to their first or second child in 2018 and after are entitled to the so-called presidential payments. At the same time, starting from 01.01.2023, Law No.418-FZ regulates payments only for the first child born between 01.01.2018 and 01.01.2023.

Read more about this manual in the material “Presidentialand payments at the birth of a child in 2024.

To receive this benefit, you must contact the Social Fund of Russia with a full set of documents.

The list of papers is given in Appendix No.2 to the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection No. 40n dated 01/25/2023):

  1. Application for the assignment of benefits.
  2. The child’s birth certificate.
  3. Marriage certificate. 
  4. Documents confirming the citizenship of the Russian Federation of the parent and child.
  5. Information about the income of all family members.
  6. Information about the availability of the unemployed status.
  7. A certificate from the military commissariat on the conscription of a parent for military service.

The child care allowance for up to one and a half years is subject to regular indexing. Read more here.

Who does not make sense to collect certificates and extracts to receive benefits

In paragraph 4 of the Order by order No.668n, categories of citizens are listed who, even if if all the necessary documents are available, the allowance is not assigned. These include Russian and foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons:

  • Whose children are on full state support.

Persons who are granted the right to full state support are listed in the law “On additional guarantees for social support of orphans and children left without parental care” dated 12/21/1996 No. 159-FZ.

  • Deprived of parental rights or restricted in them.

According to Article 69 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, parents can be deprived of parental rights if they evade or abuse parental responsibilities, as well as if they abuse children, suffer from chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, have committed a deliberate crime against a child or another family member.

There are no child allowances for those citizens of the Russian Federation who have moved to another country for permanent residence.


The types of child benefits are listed in Law No.81-FZ. These include: a one-time allowance at the birth of a child, a monthly child care allowance, an allowance for the transfer of a child to foster care, and others. What documents do you need to apply to an employer or a social protection agency for registration of a child benefit? It is established in the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development No.668n. If the employer requests it, a certificate from the registry office of the child’s birth, a birth certificate, a certificate of family composition, a certificate of non-receipt of benefits by another spouse and other certificates, extracts and copies are attached to the application for payment of benefits.

If the parents are deprived of parental rights or the child is on full state support, the allowance is not paid and documents for its registration are not submitted.

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